Amateur Radio Station
WW - locator:   JO32DB

                                          EME  VHF/UHF  DX-pedition to Palestine:  E44CM   Grid: KM71RU  

We, PA3FYC, Jos and PA2CHR, Chris are happy to annonce our DX-pedition to the city of Jericho in Palestine between:           
                                                                                 November  15  and  24

As far as we know Palestine has never been active via EME and possibly not on VHF/UHF at all.

The equipment is:
144 MHz:  FT857 and 2 x 20el. X-pol. antennas with 16.0 dBd and Italab Atlas PA.
432 MHz:  FT857 and 27el. antenna with 17.7 dBd and manual polirization control and Italab PA.
( we have spare tranceivers/ PA's/ Preamps/ etc.)

We arrive on Monday November 14th and leave on Friday 25th in the morning.                                    





This is the antenna for 144 MHz:

For 432 MHz we have a new 27el. design with
manual polarization control:

Our main activity is via EME, but Meteor Scatter and Tropo is also possible.

This is the Gardenhouse of the hotel in Jericho.
Enough place to put antenna's but of course we have no idea at all about possible local QRM............

As usual we take bandpass filters and first class preamps with us.

Apart from operating radio, we are very interested to see how daily live is in Palestine and hope to meet some local people.

If you like you can make a donation via PayPal to make trips like this possible to:

All QSL's via my homecall.  If you want your QSL direct please send SAE and
2 Euro/ Dollar for postage.